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Why use a professional broker.
A Professional Business Broker is an individual who works with either buyers or sellers of businesses to help them realize their goals. The business broker helps determines the value of a business, determines whether or not a sale makes sense, and recommends the proper terms and structure for the sale. The business broker can handle the various aspects of a transaction including developing a marketing plan, executing the plan, locating and screening potential buyers, negotiating the price and the terms of the sale, and assisting buyers in obtaining proper financing and other services such as insurance, that are needed to sell or buy a business. Many times a broker is called a Business Intermediary and professional organizations have designations that reflect special training the broker has completed.

Why should I use a professional business broker?
When it comes to business ownership, the business value usually takes first place. Therefore, you want to secure the best possible advisor for the sale or purchase of your largest asset. A professional business broker adds tremendous value to the sale or purchase of a business. The process of buying or selling a business can be time consuming.

Make sure you pick a professional who spends the needed time on your business for sale. Some agents take on too many listings knowing that some may not sell - its a numbers game to them. You need someone who understands your business, what your expectations are, and who can properly get your business sold.

Where can I find a professional?
There are several professional organizations listed on this web site. Whereas BusinesssForSaleUs cannot and will not be responsible for the actions of an individual or organization, a membership in these organizations usually means the person has met and conforms to very high standards.


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