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Businesses for sale
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    Businesses for sale
    Businesses for sale

    Information & Resources

    The vast majority of all business buyers are first time buyers, unprepared to meet the complexities of a business acquisition. However, whether you are considering your first acquisition or are a seasoned investor, you can look to the professional business broker for assistance in every phase of the transaction.

    The following, therefore, summarizes the key elements of the business acquisition process as professionally conducted by a professional business broker.

    Click here for more information on how to Buying a Business.

    Initial Meeting - Objectives, Needs and Requirements Review:
    In preparation for this initial meeting with us, the business buyer should complete our Buyer Response Form. By completing the form, you will send an email to us with the information provided or you can print the confirmation page and fax it to us. This, along with subsequent discussion relating to your personal goals and objectives, will provide an adequate starting point to begin a detailed search of our large listing inventory in order to develop a selection of "target" businesses for your review.

    Review of Acquisition Alternatives:
    This is where the professional edge can really make a difference in a successful acquisition. The professional business broker will make every effort to provide you with pertinent information on a target company's financial performance, staffing, facilities, equipment, lease, inventory, customers and market areas served. In most cases they will have tax returns, customer lists, etc. for confirmation. Where the broker cannot provide verification of information, they will advise you accordingly.

    When the various business names are disclosed, you will be required to sign a standard  "Confidentiality/Disclosure" form which,  is required by the business owner.

    On Location Visit:
    Arrangements will be made to visit the target business(es),  at a time that will not disrupt operations, and in order to maintain confidentiality. At this meeting with the business owner, the potential buyer can not only see the business in operation but also ask detailed questions regarding the operation of the business.

    Purchase and Sale Agreement:
    The professional business broker can provide a standard Purchase and Sale Agreement that covers the necessary elements of a business sale. The basic agreement provides important contingencies to protect both Buyer and Seller as follows:

    Books and Records Review:
    The Agreement specifically calls for a complete review (due diligence) of all company records by Buyer and/or Buyer's agent, CPA or accountant. The Buyer must approve, in writing, the records of the company before proceeding toward a closing.

    The Agreement specifies that the leasehold rights will be assigned, or a new lease developed, in the exact manner as requested by the buyer.

    Equipment and Fixtures:
     The Agreement specifies that all equipment and fixtures will be in working order and free of liens at the time of closing.

     The Agreement specifies that all inventory included in the sale is saleable and consists of the necessary quantity and quality to conduct the business in the usual manner.

    Training and Counsel:
    The Agreement provides for training and consultation, many times at no charge, by the seller for the buyer's benefit.

    Structuring the Sale:
    Of all the elements composing a business sale, deal structuring is the most difficult and least understood by the layman. The options are limitless, ranging from simple stock or asset sales, to partnerships, joint ventures, etc.

    The broker will discuss deal structures with you and recommend the most favorable arrangements for both parties.

    Preparation of Closing Documents:
    The broker's personnel employ the same sophistication on a $100,000 sale that it applies to a $10 million sale. They prepare clear, concise documents to protect both parties and consult with accountants and attorneys to provide an agreement of sale based on practical application of legal and tax issues.

    Final Closing and Follow-Up:
    Following execution of the Purchase of Sale Agreement, the broker will arrange for a closing agent, oversee the closing preparations, and follow-up on post-closing procedures. All closing documents are provided to Buyer and Seller prior to closing with adequate time for review by their prospective attorneys. Business Sale closing costs are quite reasonable and usually split between Buyer and Seller, and the seller is responsible for the Brokers Fee.

    We invite you to mail, fax or E-Mail our Buyer Response Form (along with any listings selected) to get your search process started. This information will go to the listing broker.  If you  would like to comment or request other information please use our Contact Information on the About Us page.

    Businesses on sale
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